Tutaj powinien być opis


Under this motto our school celebrated this year's European Dyslexia Awareness Week. All the actions that were implemented in our school in October aimed at familiarizing the school community with the gift of dyslexia. The presentation was available in the school hall as well as the information board showing famous people struggling with this problem, the characteristics, rights and obligations of students with dyslexia and paradoxes of dyslexia. Moreover, the students of lower grades participated in the contest on dictation. Students also prepared the orthography train and difficult digraphs using the technique of origami. Younger pupils studied the works of H. Ch. Andersen. The kids enjoyed the meeting with Mr. Andersen’s fairy tales and the preparation of thematic puzzles. Students with specific learning disabilities were given the chance to gain the title of the error-free student. Our specialist in pedagogical therapy wishes to thank children and teenagers for their active participation in the project.