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26 stycznia 2017 01:06 | English version


For almost five days, our lower high school students participated in the ski camp in Kurza Góra. Attending the camp was their first prize after winning the video clip competition promoting healthy lifestyle and sport. Each day, students practiced their skiing and snowboarding skills together with...

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07 listopada 2016 11:08 | English version


On 27th October the gathering of creepy creatures took place in our school. There were mummies, ghosts, vampires, witches, wizards and many other monsters who took part in many scary contests and championships. All the terrifying decorations like paper ghosts, spiders and pumpkin lanterns were prepared...

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25 października 2016 00:04 | English version


On 22.X and 23.X a charity event took place in our school. The motto was: “We all play for Paul". The aim of the campaign was to raise money to purchase a prosthetic leg for one of the graduates, namely Paul Chudziński. On Saturday, The First National Ballroom Dancing contest was held, where one...

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24 października 2016 13:23 | English version

Papal Day in Kurzętnik

Pope John Paul II Day is a Polish festival celebrated every year in October. Today, 16th Papal Day took place, during which the youth of our school referred to the events of World Youth Day in Krakow. World Youth Day is an international Catholic event focused on faith and youth, that took place from 26th...

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19 października 2016 18:50 | English version


Under this motto our school celebrated this year's European Dyslexia Awareness Week. All the actions that were implemented in our school in October aimed at familiarizing the school community with the gift of dyslexia. The presentation was available in the school hall as well as the information board...

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23 września 2016 09:31 | English version

“Police Officers at Primary School”

Ms Ludmiła Mroczkowska and Mr Henryk Czyżewski are the police officers from the District Police Headquarters in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie who visited our primary school students last Monday. The officers told the children about their difficult profession and showed the equip

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21 września 2016 21:14 | English version

"The Great History of Little Kurzętnik"

"The Great History of Little Kurzętnik’ was retold for the second time in our school as a significant part in the schedule of the European Heritage Days and the local community’s life. We started with the traditional Polish dance, the school choir splendid performance and the medieval folk...

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21 września 2016 21:02 | English version

“Clean Up the World”

Students from our school joined in the annual “Clean Up the World” campaign. Mr Krzysztof Piechocki held a meeting with students about safety during cleaning certain places. What is more, Mr Krzysztof Piechocki talked about the natural environment. After the interesting lecture, students together...

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